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This is a blog that will catch the eye and draw you in, if you are looking for posts on the property and real estate market. Here, you can find out about house rentals and house sales, the latest property market news, and things you can do to help sell your home. There’s also more general housing advice on insurance and mortgages, gardens, energy efficiency

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How To Become a Property Investor

5 steps to successful property investment

Property investment is not without risks, but with sensible choices and diligent research, it can prove both lucrative and rewarding.

Property investment has soared in popularity in the last decade, and it’s not difficult to see why. In a world that’s too often dominated by the grind of the 9-5 workday, property investment offers an opportunity to escape the rat-race and

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How To Solve London’s Drainage Problems?

The problems facing London’s drainage system, what has been done and what is scheduled to help address them. Regular drains maintenance and careful use.

The capital’s drain network is stretched to the limit and needs improving

London’s drainage infrastructure is, to put it bluntly, stretched to capacity. Major projects such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel are in progress to follow up other actions such as the upgrading

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I Am The Agent highlights upcoming property hotspots for 2017

Those looking to invest or put down roots, take note. I Am The Agent, the country’s largest online estate agent, has highlighted some of the upcoming property hotspots for the coming year .

The UK’s housing market may have come under the microscope over the last year due to the Brexit vote and the resulting weaker sterling, but despite this, property prices are still on the

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Birmingham’s Wide Property Investment Spectrum

Growing Disparity Between the Cheapest and Most Expensive Properties
Birmingham’s thriving economy and ongoing development plans make it a hotspot for property investment. But what sector brings the best returns?

Birmingham has been attracting residents and investors alike over recent years, and several factors, including its Big City Plan and its thriving industries, have kept the property market particularly buoyant, even in the difficult financial conditions of

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Kitchen Magic’s great new special offers and a free fitting service

It’s the most ‘magical’ time of the year – when Kitchen Magic bring you some great special offers and a free fitting service, so you can have your dream kitchen in time for Christmas!

Arrange your kitchen make-over with us now and get free fitting and fast delivery, so you can show off your brand-new looking kitchen to your family on Christmas Day. From traditional Shaker

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Trex reveal how to protect your decking over the winter

Q: How do I ensure my deck doesn’t crack or splinter from the extreme weather?

A: Extreme changes in weather can speed up splintering of deck boards. To ensure that next year’s outdoor fun is ouch-free, fix splintering boards on a wood deck before winter’s arrival. The amount of time and effort required to make repairs will depend on the extent of the damage. Lightly splintered

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What Knot the must have innovative new ladder safety device

Every year, nearly 50,000 people fall from ladders and end up at A&E. On average, 45* of these people are among the 6,000 who die every year from avoidable injuries sustained at home. At an estimated £50 billion, (based on 2003 figures) the annual cost to society is also staggering.**

What Knot, the device that can tie and unfasten almost any rope with a thickness between

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I AM The Agent says homeowners, potential buyers and investors should think long term

The property market has been under a lot of scrutiny of late; reports of falling prices, a decline in demand and low interest rates have all contributed to a rather bleak outlook over the last few months. However according to one of the UK’s leading online estate agents, homeowners, potential buyers and investors should think long term when it comes to property, and not be

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The Perfect TV, Streaming and WIFI Gifts For Christmas

One For All has launched its new premium indoor antenna range: SV9425, SV9435, SV9480, SV9490 and the SV9495. Flat, standing or wall mounted its outstanding design will work with any interior.





Wireless music streaming from smart device to hi-fi


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Nested launches service to sell a house in 90 days or lend seller the money

British ‘proptech’ (property technology) startup, Nested has launched a new service that promises to sell a house within 90 days, or lend the seller the money for their next house purchase interest-free. This follows a recent report from Which?, which shows that three in 10 property sales now fall through, most often related to the property chain, with one in five failed deals (21%) caused

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