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Improve the look of your bathroom with new YTC Bathroom Tiles

Trex Decking helps you integrate the inside with the outside

The trend to blur the boundaries between the inside and out is growing in the UK with homeowners looking to make the most of their space.  As a result, decking has become an essential material to help create a seamless and connected finish.

Trex®, the leader in high-performance, low-maintenance decking offers a range of shades so there is plenty of choice when matching your decking with

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Brewers Home give some top tips on interior design and home furnishings

Brewers Home, the experts in interior design and home furnishings, have taken it upon themselves to provide some top tips for creating the perfect bathroom in any home

The bathroom is often a room that’s left slightly neglected in terms of interior design, but there’s no need for this to be the case. Brewers Home offers some top tips on how to create a beautifully decorated

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Upgrade your lighting to something more environmentally friendly

Recycling and reuse is a critical element of green policy, but sometimes replacing an item with something new is the best way to go green.

Getting rid of those old incandescent lights in exchange for compact fluorescent bulbs, solar lights, LEDs or halogen bulbs is the best way to save energy, save money and save the environment. Picking from the dizzying array of options can be

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Basement2rooms’ basement conversion ideas

Basements are big news at the moment. For people who aren’t able to extend their house upwards or outwards, a  basement conversion offers an attractive alternative . Indeed, in some city locations people are even choosing to excavate basements where none existed before. But what can you do with a basement? Isn’t it certain to be cold, dank and gloomy? You might be surprised.



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Kitchen Magic investment well worth making this New Year

It’s the same every year; you’ve taken down the decorations, packed up the tree, unhung the tinsel and locked away the wrapping paper. The festivities are over, and in comparison to the last couple of months; the house looks somewhat lack-lustre.

One area of the home that this can affect most is the kitchen. All of the fancy ingredients have either been used, discarded, or shoved

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Reinvent Your Home with Lifestyle Blinds and Help New Year Detox

With 2015 well under way, Brits up and down the UK will be working on their New Year resolutions. Common resolutions include losing weight, sprucing up the home, getting fitter and taking a more mindful and healthful approach to food and exercise after weeks of over indulgence. Industry expert Lifestyle Blinds is launching an exciting new range of digital print roller blinds designed to

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Astracast’s Amazing Country Style Kitchens

Belfast single bowl

Country kitchens never go out of style; this rustic look is practical and easy to live with and it has a nostalgic feel which is warm and welcoming. Astracast’s portfolio of sinks and taps provides plenty of choice for those hoping to create this rural look in their home.

Its range of ceramic sinks is ideal for creating a focal point in any country kitchen. The

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Refresh your exterior window décor

Refresh your exterior window décor

Temperatures are continuing to get warmer and warmer and predictions of an approaching heat wave are now being brandished on a daily basis. Although beachgoers may enjoy the news, UV damage is the number one reason why uPVC doors and windows start to fade and discolour. Jay Parlane, a uPVC expert has recommended that homeowners take action and redo their

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New Design Trends For 2014 are Blue Interiors

A refurbishment and decoration specialist and leading interior designers Inspired Interiors based on the south coast has released ‘New Trends 2014’ a free guide with lots of design tips with one of them being blue is the colour trend for interiors for 2014.

Aimed at people with an eye for contemporary style, New Trends 2014 is available as a free download on Inspired Interiors’ website. It contains

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Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Work Refined!

How confident are you in carrying out minor repairs and alterations to water pipes, waste pipes or bathroom ventilation?  With the right tools and a certain level of technical skill, you can do it yourself – even if the work is detailed and repairs are in places that are hard to reach.

So, armed with your knowledge of your home’s quirks, keep costs down and get

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