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Stay secure and stylish with Lytham UPVC ash windows offers

Halfords makes a move into the home security market

Halfords, the cycles and motoring retailer, has entered the market of DIY home security in a move that aims to further extend the company’s portfolio of products of a technical nature that already include sat nave systems and in car entertainment. Their new range of products will include alarm systems, exterior lighting and CCTV camera, along with a huge range of traditional locks, and the

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Basement flats are ‘safe as houses’ only more so

According to the Latest Research, Basement Flats Are as Safe as Houses.

According to a research by newly launched London publication, Basement Flats, the flats found in West London have been found to be as safe from intruders as other types of apartments.

The magazine spoke to former police officers and burglars, as they were researching a feature about lower ground floor flats in central London. Calvin

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The importance of knowing what kind of locks you have

We are constantly being told how important it is that we know what locks we have on the doors of our home, and to ensure these are the correct type to satisfy insurance companies, and having this knowledge can save a lot of heartache and stress should you be one of the unlucky ones who is targeted by a burglar.

Being burgled is bad enough, but

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Vital steps to avoiding burst pipes during your winter holiday

Vital steps to avoiding burst pipes during your winter holiday

If you are planning on taking a trip this winter, whether you are taking a couple of days to visit relatives or taking a holiday abroad, there are some steps you should take in order to avoid any burst pipes in your absence. Some sound advice for householders comes courtesy of the Heating Helpline.

Hundreds of

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The safest places to live & work in the UK

Crime levels for the UK have dramatically decreased for the period between January 1 2012 and July 2012. The statistics are provided by Home Office and shows that despite the encouraging decrease, the police have registered over 5,000 burglaries and other household crimes.

The crime statistics are provided by the police and the British Crime Survey. The latter isn’t involved in the investigations, but has interviewed

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Keeping Your Home Secure

If anywhere needs to feel safe and secure, it’s your home. It is, after all, where you live. In addition to this, it’s where your store your valuables. Whether it’s from intruders or theft, there is always a present need for a safe and secure home.

In this regard, here are a number of ways to help keep and maintain your homes safety. Whether this is

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Misty Windows Demystified and ‘A’ Rated Explicated

If you listen to the radio, or browse the Internet, then the chances are you have seen adverts for steamy, misty and foggy double glazing even though all the adverts might make it seem like you need this immediately, most people don’t actually know what it means. Dave Pearson explains what the advantages of these windows are, and why many window installers around the country

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Protect Your Home from Burglars

Whether you own your own house or rent an apartment, your home security should be a constant concern. Every year, thousands of homes are invaded and burgled. A few simple precautions can reduce your risks.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Most burglars enter the home through unlocked doors. Some will even walk through neighbourhoods, turning doorknobs until they find one that is unlocked. They may even

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Security Precautions for New Buyers

Moving house is one of the most exciting and – let’s admit it right away- stressful times which any of us can go through. The thought of walking through the front door of our own property for the very first time is an idea to savour.

Of course, with so many things to get sorted out before you can relax in your new home it is

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Protecting Your Home With A CCTV Surveillance System

Homes are often the primary target for burglars and opportunistic thieves who are looking to take advantage of an empty property while the occupiers are at work, on holiday or a property is vacant, waiting to be sold.

When you leave your home for 9 hours while you are at work or 2 weeks while you go away on holiday you expect everything to be the

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