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New research on UK households that fail to check flood risk levels

• New YouGov research identifies lack of awareness over flood planning and responsibility, despite 1 in 6 homes being considered at risk*1
• Homeowners in the North East of England least likely to have researched into their homes’ flood risk
• Only 20% of people check flood risks before moving into a new home

As we approach the anniversary of the June 2007 summer floods, people in Britain

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Landlord insurer launches new online Guide for Landlords

The landlord insurance experts, Cover4LetProperty, have added a new guide to their site that aims to help fledgling landlords and other people who are considering buying investment properties.

 Our new guide is designed to help new landlords or those thinking about becoming one, and complements our existing directory of articles on the site 

Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4LetProperty

Called the Beginners Guide, topics cover many aspects from

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Home Insurance Contents Policies – what you need to know

Most homeowners do not realise that their home insurance will not fully cover them in the event of a natural disaster, theft, or fire. They wrongly believe that because their bank forced them to get homeowners insurance their investment will be protected.

In reality, homeowner’s insurance actually only protects the banks’ investment of the home by covering the physical property. Outside of the worth of the

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Vital steps to avoiding burst pipes during your winter holiday

Vital steps to avoiding burst pipes during your winter holiday

If you are planning on taking a trip this winter, whether you are taking a couple of days to visit relatives or taking a holiday abroad, there are some steps you should take in order to avoid any burst pipes in your absence. Some sound advice for householders comes courtesy of the Heating Helpline.

Hundreds of

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Northern Ireland takes the lead in eliminating ‘the silent killer’

Northern Ireland takes the lead in eliminating ‘the silent killer’

Carbon monoxide is still a very common killer in homes around the country, and Northern Ireland have recently taken steps in order to inform people about the risk, so that people understand that it can be a fatal condition, and is something that should be avoided very carefully.

From October 31 this year, new building regulations

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Don’t allow floods to spark off electrical problems

As the deluge of rain continues to fall across most of the country, the Met Office has gone as far as to call it the most intense September for storm weather in three decades. Over 300 homes have already been flooded, and there are currently 87 flood warnings from the Environment Agency in force.

If you believe that your home is at risk, then you should

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Is landlords insurance a legal requirement?

Landlords have a to meet a number of legal requirements in order for them to legally rent out their property. These are generally to do with regular upkeep of the property as well as maintenance of gas and electricity facilities.

Landlords insurance is by no means a legal requirement, however it is almost as important that landlords do invest in insurance to protect their investment.

Whether you

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Home insurance in the UK

Home insurance is as important as car insurance, even though it is voluntary as opposed to compulsory. Split into two sections; buildings and contents, both are applicable to those who own their own homes whilst those who rent will only need the latter. Whether you are searching for your first home insurance policy, or looking for a better deal as you are due to renew,

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Home Insurance and Sport Equipment

With the French Opening, Wimbledon and Olympics in view it a very exciting time for sports.  We are taking up sports now more than ever before and even our kids are joining in on the excitement.  It’s a good time to refresh ourselves on what our home insurance really covers.

Most home insurance policies will protect you financially if your tennis racket is lost, damaged or

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Get Landlords Insurance

Being a landlord is a lot more complicated then kicking back and waiting for the rent cheques to pile in every month.  As a landlord, you have many responsibilities to fulfil as part of your letting agreement with tenants the same way that you expect them to fulfil their requirement of paying the rent each month.  One of the ways that you can protect yourself

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