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Guide to Choosing a London Removals Company

Given the growth in the property market in London, more people than ever are moving house – yet hardly anyone seems to give real consideration when choosing a London removals company.

Isn’t it surprising, given the amount of time being spent on every other aspect of moving home, that we often leave the process of choosing a London removals company to chance?

Too often customers pick the

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Pallet Delivery to Save Money on Small Moves

You received the call letting you know that the job is yours, and you’ll be moving north in a few weeks. With the new job will come a new home, of course, and moving is always a good excuse to get rid of the clutter and imagine an entirely new living space. Hiring a moving company can cost quite a bit, but a relatively small

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You’ve spent too long yearning for a bigger kitchen, better garden, more practical storage; you’ve decided you want to move house, but how much does a house move really cost in today’s market?

From solicitors, surveyors and stamp duty legal fees, to the cost of preparing your house to sell, storing items and removal vans, not to mention the mortgage itself and various insurances, there are

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From old cottage to brand new house

A couple from Hambledon, Ron and Ann Vickery, are going to swap their old cottage for a brand new house this summer.

The couple, who have lived in Hambledon for 67 years, will be making the move to Antler Homes Longbourn Row development in Liphook in September.

They wanted something easy to maintain, that was close to their two children and grandchildren in Liphook, and with good

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Period properties still preferred by buyers over modern homes

Period properties still preferred by buyers over modern homes

Period properties still preferred by buyers over modern homes

Best of both worlds: modern home with period features for sale in Peckham Rye, London SE5

Period properties not only fetch high premium prices, but then even once purchased require equally expensive maintenance tasks as well as expensive refurbish products, decoration, and heating. Becky Munday spoke of the high price of maintaining these properties and as head

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Let’s Move To Bristol

Bristol is in the South West area of England, bordering the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire. It is built around the River Avon and has a population estimated at 428,100. It is not only the sixth most populous city in England, but also the eighth most populous city in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Potential activities

Attractions in Bristol include a long list of theatres, including

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People still worried about meeting mortgage or rental payments during 2014

Over a third of people that have a home mortgage or a monthly rent to pay are fearful that they will not be able to keep up with their payments during the course of this year according to a new survey conducted by Shelter the homelessness charity. The poll included 3,600 people and found that children are most often the ones that are affected the

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Mortgage lenders look for ways out of agreements made with customers

Many mortgage lenders are talking to the regulator about how they can make changes to deals that have already been entered into with customers. Some of the changes that they are concerned about include how much they can charge customers that are currently on their own SVR or standard variable rate. Lenders usually can change an SVR at will even if the base rate set

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Growing confidence in UK housing market sees prices rise for 9th month running

Confidence in the housing market is increasing along with the prices for real estate, as witnessed by the hike of 0.5% this month, its ninth consecutive rise. According to Hometrack , the property analyst, homes across Wales and England were now showing a 3.1% increase in value when compared to those existing a year ago.

The value of the property for the previous month alone showed

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Capital gains tax could affect foreign property investors

Media reports on Thursday said that Britain was considering imposing capital gains taxes for property investors from foreign countries. This followed the release of data indicating that property prices were increasing at the fastest rate in a period of about three years.

This move helps ease the fears of the housing bubble especially in London because Filthy rich Middle East investors and the Russian oligarchs raised

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