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Survey reveals cost is still the most important factor for renters

Landlord insurance specialists Cover4LetProperty survey (taken bi-annually from March 2013 to date) shows renters still consider cost to be the most important factor compared to parking and location.

The study revisited the factors which affect whether someone will rent a property:

c ost – 82% (up 10% from March 2013)
location – up by 18% in a year to 78%;
ease of parking – 41% (up 15% year-on-year);
while cost

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How to Care for a Leather Sofa

Buying a leather sofa is a major investment.  Consequently, it’s something that you are likely to want to last for many years, even decades. Here are some tips provided by Leather Sofas Online ( on how to care for your leather sofa.

The first tips to bear in mind are the basics of cleaning any large piece of furniture. It is important to start with the

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The asbestos epidemic in properties

The asbestos epidemic has made unprecedented headlines in the news this year, from its known presence in Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament to public schools across the UK. A popular building material from the 1950s to 1990s, asbestos has since been recognised to cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis after prolonged exposure to the carcinogen. Find out about recent asbestos cases across the

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Effective Honey Bee Removal Strategies

While valuable for both the honey it produces and the pollination of plants, the honey bee can become a severe nuisance when it establishes a hive inside a home. In these cases, securing a professional pest control service for the removal of the colony is the best option for any homeowner.

When bees establish a hive inside a house, they usually locate it inside the walls

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This is a blog that will catch the eye and draw you in, if you are looking for posts on the property and real estate market. Here, you can find out about house rentals and house sales, the latest property market news, and things you can do to help sell your home. There’s also more general housing advice on insurance and mortgages, gardens, energy efficiency

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An Office that Welcomes Innovation

Innovation is a creation of mind, attention, and thinking ‘outside of the box’.  The stimuli around us can ignite thoughts that can lead to innovative ideas.  If you look around your office, is the environment that provides the stimulus required for innovation?  Or on the other hand, does your office refurbishment design say “we have been doing things this way for years; and nothing new

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Property and investment with EPIC

The epic Centre near Lincoln played host to the Lincolnshire Property and Business show on the 30th March. Over 400 delegates were in attendance, and there was a strong showing of intermediaries, professional service providers and end- user investors. Martin Freeman, the brains behind the event, said that they had received excellent feedback on the day’s exhibitions.

He also said that although he didn’t want to

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House prices still not enticing first time buyers

The market share of first time buyers dropped in July down to 34%, which is smaller drop than in June when it dipped by 38%.

While many first time buyers are taking advantage of the current state of the housing market, the decline in numbers helps to prove analysts may be valid in their concerns that house prices will continue to fall.

As lending criteria from banks

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New government set to increase second home tax

The Prime Minister believes that second homes should be subject to an increase in capital gains taxes, due to the fact that they are not in accordance with the present economy.

Mr. Cameron confirmed that he had to reverse a number of Conservative policies in order to get the Liberal Democrats to support a Government in coalition, even though he knew that he would lose some

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