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Single Multimedia Bed from Furniture Village

The Furniture Village has further extended its collection of beds, and has added the latest must have the Harvard Single multimedia Bedstead. The Stylish Harvard is ideal for the discerning teenager as it incorporated two circular speakers within the headboard and also features a hidden 24” LCD TV that, simply by touching a button on the remote control, rises for viewing.

When not in use this retracts back into the foot of the bed, thus creating a flush finish and there are no signs at all that a TV is hiding there. This multimedia bed  also offers an integrated docking station for an MP3 player and is the ultimate in one stop entertainment centres. As well as all the cutting edge mod cons, there are some handy cubby holes to store plenty of DVD’s and CD’s.

But if the family develops a spot of green envy, there are plenty of other adult multimedia beds in Furniture Village’s new TV Bed Centre.

Visit or one of the 39 stores nationwide to view the collection.


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