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The Perfect TV, Streaming and WIFI Gifts For Christmas

One For All has launched its new premium indoor antenna range: SV9425, SV9435, SV9480, SV9490 and the SV9495. Flat, standing or wall mounted its outstanding design will work with any interior.






  1. Wireless music streaming from smart device to hi-fi



His or her music files are probably mainly stored on his or her smartphone, tablet or laptop – but these devices deliver lower sound quality than his or her music truly deserves.  Two new Music Receivers SV1810 (£29.99) and the top end SV1820 (£49.99) from One For All, will allow him or her to stream music wirelessly to his existing hi-fi system from any Bluetooth-enabled device for great sound quality.  The SV1820 (recently awarded Five Stars by T3 magazine) includes a Wolfson DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) – as well as APTx technology, a Bluetooth protocol specifically for high quality audio streaming.  Buy from Amazon or


  1.  Watch full HD TV in any room – wirelessly




If you’ve got a bit more money to splash, then get him or her a gadget that will allow him or her to watch TV in HD on a second screen anywhere in the home using the new Wireless HDMI Sender (SV1760) from accessory specialist One For All.  This clever gadget transmits an interference-free signal from any A/V device with an HDMI output to another TV or home cinema projector.  It streams Full HD and 3D up to a radius of 30 metres.  Simply ‘plug & play’ and they’ll be up and running in less than two minutes.  They can also use it in the lounge to place the A/V stack on one side of the room and mount their TV on another wall, avoiding the use of unsightly multiple cables.  It’s compatible with all Sky, Virgin and Freeview boxes with an HDMI socket, as well as streaming Full HD from Blu-ray players.  You can also transmit wirelessly from your laptop onto a TV or projector. You’re protected from unwanted sharing by neighbours too, thanks to the security encryption.  It is available now priced £199.99 on the One For All web shop, as well as  Amazon

  1.  New Voice Clear Technology wireless TV headphones




One For All, specialists in TV accessories, has created the new HP 1030 (£49.99) wireless TV headphones for an enhanced TV listening experience. These headphones come with Voice Clear Technology emphasising speech whilst dimming background noise and enhancing the voice spectrum, making listening crystal clear whether watching a TV show or listening to a radio programme via your TV.  The HP 1030 (£49.99) have a wireless range up to 100 metres with powerful 40mm speaker drivers that mean you won’t miss a single word.  So, now you can watch your favourite TV series, a football match, listen to radio or play computer games, day or at night, undisturbed and without disturbing others. Enjoy hours of TV entertainment with the extra-large closed over-the-ear cushioned ear-cups that create a seal reducing sound leakage and providing isolation from intruding background noise. The on-cap control buttons allow you to adjust volume directly on the headphones. Thanks to the charging station, the HP 1030 comes with re-chargeable Li-ion batteries for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted TV listening.  You can even connect multiple wireless TV headphones simultaneously to the same network to watch or listen with someone else in the household, whilst not disturbing anyone else.  The TV audio feed on the headphones is available to you while you cook in the kitchen away from the TV – or even if you fancy a spot of Autumn gardening outside.  One For All HP 1030 webshop

  1. Rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset HP 1040




One For All is introducing the Rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset HP 1040(£69.99).  This headset is aimed at people who need hearing assistance when watching television or listening to a TV radio programme with high speech intelligibility that is totally free from background noise.  It boasts outstanding voice clarity due to an enhanced voice spectrum, personalised sound tuning featuring built-in sound controls for audio balance, tone and volume to either ear individually, lightweight under-chin design that is ideal for lengthy listening sessions and wireless technology via 2.4 GHz band for interference-free TV listening at a distance of up to 50 metres.  This means that there is no longer any need to increase volume on the TV set to hear everything – with this wireless TV headset the hearing-affected member of the household won’t miss a word without disturbing anyone else.  Due to its unique under-chin shape and lightweight design the HP 1040 headset is suitable for people wearing glasses and for those who do not feel comfortable wearing an over-head headset. In combination with the soft foam earplugs the headset is ideal for a cosy lengthy listening session up to 12 hours of entertainment at a time. Besides connecting it to the TV wirelessly, it can be connected to a tablet, laptop or smartphone directly via the included 3.5mm cable.  The HP 1040 also allows connection to the included noise-cancelling microphone that detects and eliminates background noise from conversations – and also be used outside your home – being a true asset for anybody with mild to moderate hearing impairment.  One For All HP 1040 webshop

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