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How to increase the sellability of your home in a troubled market

How to increase the sellability of your home in a troubled market

How to increase the sellability of your home in a troubled market

Selling a house in today’s extremely tricky market can be a difficult task, quite often what is needed are major improvements or alterations to the home. Perhaps adding an indoor heated Olympic size swimming pool with a solar activated retractable roof will vastly increase the possibility of finding a buyer. But of course such extravagances are way beyond the financial means of the average home seller.

But if you are not a multi-millionaire that does not mean that you cannot make changes to your home that will make it ultimately far more attractive to a potential new owner. Very often simple and relatively inexpensive changes can bring new viewers to your door.

One effective and simple plan is to consider making your house very neutral. Often colours and additions that are your idea of a perfect home environment may not suit potential buyers. The gut reaction from most people is “well they can always paint the walls a different colour after they move in”. Unfortunately the problem with this attitude is that the new buyer will not move in because he or she cannot see past your personal taste and envisage what the house will look like when their changes are made.

So neutral colour schemes and a lack of outlandish or unusual fixtures and fittings can prove a very effective and relatively cheap way of securing that much-needed sale. The same train of thought can be extended to your personal furnishings. Obviously any buyer will bring their own furniture, but again appearance is extremely important. That old bed which was used as a trampoline by the kids for years is going to be replaced when you get your new home. But unfortunately it detracts tremendously from the appearance of your main bedroom, so perhaps a better option would be to replace the bed with a new one now, then after the sale you can take it with you to your new home.  If so, the Time4Sleep might be a good option to check out.

The same can be said of a multitude of other small changes that can drastically alter the appearance of your home. Replacing the battered front door, re-tiling the bathroom, pressure washing the path to the house, digging up all the weeds. All of these and many other tiny changes can drastically alter the way that your house is perceived by any potential buyer and can therefore increase the chances of a sale in this highly competitive and difficult home sales market.

Time4Sleep have provided both valubale information and renumeration for the time and content of this article.

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