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Planning a new kitchen

The idea of planning a new kitchen is a daunting task for anybody. There are many factor to consider, firstly you to take into account the size of your family this will help you to decide the ideal size of your kitchen. Then you must understand how you kitchen will serve your family best, do you need a kitchen that will also function as the main family eating area, also, the amount of storage you need will influence any plans. Moreover, you will also need assess your available space and carefully plan the layout of your kitchen to make the most of your given space.


It is very important to get the flow of your kitchen right, this is especially important in homes today as kitchens are very rarely enclosed. Many of today’s kitchens are open planned, moreover, some people decide to install large windows, build a low barrier wall, fit islands or ‘pass through’ windows between rooms, therefore, making it crucial that the kitchens flow and work well with the decor of other rooms. By using one of these techniques it can create a kitchen and living area where families can socialize.


By put in windows were possible you will be adding an abundance of natural light that will create a friendly atmosphere. So if you are renovating or constructing a new kitchen always ensure that you add plenty of windows to produce a more airy and inviting kitchen. In addition adding abundant light fixtures will generate light where it is most needed in particular over counters and appliances for example your stove.


The colours of your kitchen are vital; hand painted kitchens in pale colours will create a fresh and light kitchen. The most popular colours include white, which is very big this season, but also yellows and other pastel colours. By also adding some dark colours will get the kitchen a modern feel. Another popular and effective theme is monochrome this often modernizes a kitchens, by using one colour for certain aspects of your kitchen will update the look for example use one colour for the curtains, wall border and flower arrangements will create a great continuity.


Making sure you have the right amount of storage is essential when designing your kitchen, if you are a serious cook keeping vital tools within easy reach is crucial. Moreover, you can now include storage with your island which is helpful and space saving.


Shelves play a vital purpose within kitchens; many are available in a range of shapes and sizes allowing you to find the perfect shelf that will fit your needs. Moreover, by wrapping long shelves half way around the room will give the room a consistent look.


Adding seating around islands and a breakfast nook will provide necessary seating to a small kitchen or for larger kitchen you can add a dining table and chairs. Whichever size kitchen it is vital to include seating into your plan.

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