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I AM The Agent says homeowners, potential buyers and investors should think long term

The property market has been under a lot of scrutiny of late; reports of falling prices, a decline in demand and low interest rates have all contributed to a rather bleak outlook over the last few months. However according to one of the UK’s leading online estate agents, homeowners, potential buyers and investors should think long term when it comes to property, and not be put off by damning reports.

I Am The Agent, who specialises in selling property both in the UK and overseas, believes that the country’s resilience post Brexit, along with the incredible investments that are taking place over the coming years in many parts of the country will give the property market a much-needed push. And as a result, those who invest now and homeowners who sit tight will reap the rewards in the future.

Rebecca Peach, Managing Director of I Am The Agent, said, “Despite the outlook looking less than prosperous at the moment, there’s a plethora of investments happening right around the country over the coming years. Cities are expanding, towns are being upgraded and transport links are improving. All of this is good news for those already on the property ladder and those looking to take their first steps into homeownership as it will push up prices thanks to increased demand of these more sought-after locations.”




London’s night tube is a prime example of how simple upgrades to transport can have a positive effect on house prices. Landlords have been rejoicing as rents have jumped up 20% in zones 3-6 over the last two years, while house prices have increased by as much as seven percent in some parts of London. And these are only predicted to rise further over the coming year.

I Am The Agent is the UK’s most comprehensive online estate agent. Offering customers a professional, yet personal service, it provides a stunning platform for showcasing homes to their full potential. Allowing customers to ‘become the agent’, it gives back control to the people who know the house best – the homeowner.

The agency has a fully-transparent approach, with all fees stated upfront. Packages start from just £19 including VAT for lettings, and just £49 including VAT for sales.

To find out more about I Am The Agent and its pioneering approach to selling a home, visit the website:

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  • The property market is indeed cyclical. Those of us who have been agents for 30 years have seen the market in all its myriad stages of rise and fall.It is perfectly true that if buyers take a view and play the ‘long game’ the equity growth from ownership will reward.
    The rise of alternative agency is decried by most ‘traditional’ agents, born of fear of the unknown and in an attempt to protect what has always been they cry ‘foul’ or warn of poor service. Poor service, apathy, sloth and dishonesty have been the criticisms of our profession since the late 1980’s when many ‘old fashioned’ surveyors /agents practices sold out to the corporate monsters. Their voracious appetite to consume was fuelled by the desire to sell poor homeowners and buyers the shoddy financial packages prevalent at that time….who remembers endowment mortgages??

    A good estate agent is a good estate agent, be they on line and charging buttons or a traditional high street office charging a percentage of the sale price. My own version offers a subscription based pay-as-you-go service at only £30 pcm with no restrictive contracts. Service remains our key focus ,qualified and professional doesn’t have to be costly!

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