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Kitchen Magic’s great new special offers and a free fitting service

It’s the most ‘magical’ time of the year – when Kitchen Magic bring you some great special offers and a free fitting service, so you can have your dream kitchen in time for Christmas!

Arrange your kitchen make-over with us now and get free fitting and fast delivery, so you can show off your brand-new looking kitchen to your family on Christmas Day. From traditional Shaker

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Kitchen Magic summer Offer of 10% off entire range of kitchen doors

Summer is well and truly here! The sun is shining, people all over the country are breaking out the barbecues and eating al fresco, but don’t forget your poor, unloved kitchen in these heady days – it needs some summer loving too. So to brighten up the inside as well, those generous people at Kitchen Magic are announcing a great summer deal – 10% off

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Kitchen Magic investment well worth making this New Year

It’s the same every year; you’ve taken down the decorations, packed up the tree, unhung the tinsel and locked away the wrapping paper. The festivities are over, and in comparison to the last couple of months; the house looks somewhat lack-lustre.

One area of the home that this can affect most is the kitchen. All of the fancy ingredients have either been used, discarded, or shoved

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Stoneham Kitchens introduce two new entry-level ranges

Two brand new ranges, Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit Pro are launched by bespoke furniture manufacturer, Stoneham Kitchens. The new kitchens add a highly affordable option to Stoneham’s Avant Garde collection and are available from local Stoneham appointed retailers from September.

Driven by increased demand for more geometrically shaped, streamlined kitchen designs, Farenheit and Farenheit Pro (the ‘handle-less’ version of the range) offer the same high technical

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Astracast’s Amazing Country Style Kitchens

Belfast single bowl

Country kitchens never go out of style; this rustic look is practical and easy to live with and it has a nostalgic feel which is warm and welcoming. Astracast’s portfolio of sinks and taps provides plenty of choice for those hoping to create this rural look in their home.

Its range of ceramic sinks is ideal for creating a focal point in any country kitchen. The

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Top kitchen design apps – Designed to take the difficulty out of choosing a worktop

From apps to help you have a better night’s sleep, to apps to assist expectant parents to choose the name of their baby, apps have exploded into mainstream culture with undisputed vigour and as a consequence of their popularity, you can get an app for just about anything nowadays.

The latest wave of apps to prove particularly popular, are applications to help even the most amateurish

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Landlords get return from investing in Kitchens

Investing in Kitchen appliances is worthwhile for landlords

Oftentimes, landlords don’t want to invest the time and money into making their properties more appealing to lessees. Yet, strategic upgrades and renovations can greatly increase the value of the property and allow owners to increase the rent.

According to the property website Rightmove, the average rent in the UK has risen 13.6 percent over the past five years.

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The beauty of a traditional kitchen

The beauty of a traditional kitchen is the fact that they will never become dated.  Most traditional styles are timeless in appearance and therefore last throughout the years. Such a style doesn’t adopt a certain trend, which in turn means it will almost certainly last a lifetime if looked after.

Many of today’s generation choose to invest in a new kitchen, quite simply because their current

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Planning a new kitchen

The idea of planning a new kitchen is a daunting task for anybody. There are many factor to consider, firstly you to take into account the size of your family this will help you to decide the ideal size of your kitchen. Then you must understand how you kitchen will serve your family best, do you need a kitchen that will also function

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