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How To Become a Property Investor

5 steps to successful property investment

Property investment is not without risks, but with sensible choices and diligent research, it can prove both lucrative and rewarding.

Property investment has soared in popularity in the last decade, and it’s not difficult to see why. In a world that’s too often dominated by the grind of the 9-5 workday, property investment offers an opportunity to escape the rat-race and

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Birmingham’s Wide Property Investment Spectrum

Growing Disparity Between the Cheapest and Most Expensive Properties
Birmingham’s thriving economy and ongoing development plans make it a hotspot for property investment. But what sector brings the best returns?

Birmingham has been attracting residents and investors alike over recent years, and several factors, including its Big City Plan and its thriving industries, have kept the property market particularly buoyant, even in the difficult financial conditions of

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Investors in commercial property funds expect profitable 2015

However, like with any investment, placing your money in commercial property funds comes with risks.

Despite currently being the flavour of the month with investors, these types of vehicles have a controversial history. Commercial property values dropped by more than 44% during the financial crisis, the steepest decline since records began.

It is the less experienced investor that needs to tread carefully when investing in property. It

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Brick Buy Brick publishes UK’s 1st complete set of 10 property investment books

Brick Buy Brick, the most recent training programme launched by the No1 professional development brand Tigrent Learning UK, has published the UK’s first definitive guide to property investment. Available to buy via Amazon or direct through Brick Buy Brick training programmes, this series of 10 books will equip property investors starting out on their professional journey with essential strategies and tools to inspire, motivate and

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Cyprus property experiences in influx of investors from China

With its lush and rolling hills and valleys, cloudless blue skies and sunshine for approximately 300 days a year, and a stunning coastline that boasts a plethora of beautiful beaches, rocky outlets and quirky seaside towns, it is easy to understand why Cyprus has always been a popular place for Europeans to own a holiday home and considered to be a wise property investment by

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Property and investment with EPIC

The epic Centre near Lincoln played host to the Lincolnshire Property and Business show on the 30th March. Over 400 delegates were in attendance, and there was a strong showing of intermediaries, professional service providers and end- user investors. Martin Freeman, the brains behind the event, said that they had received excellent feedback on the day’s exhibitions.

He also said that although he didn’t want to

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